Monday Fun Day: Easy Tips For Presenting a Dining Table on Point

This post is not sponsored.

As you will see in this post, I am especially interested in homemaking. Homemaking provides an outlet in which you can server your family through your creativity and passions.

In this post, I am focusing on how to make your dining table look impeccable for those times you share a meal with your family or friends. Recently, I put together the table for breakfast with my husband to mark three years since we were engaged. It was a small gesture that we both really enjoyed. It felt like we were dining out, but without the noise and without the large bill at the end of our meal!

Also, FYI this post is not sponsored, but most of the items you see in this post I linked in the first picture below. So, feel free to follow the links to the items you fancy if you want to purchase them. Without further ado, let’s get to it! 😀

As you can see, everything doesn’t match perfectly. The napkins have navy stripes while the placemats are have black detailing. But, this is fine! There is no need to go out and buy new napkins to match your decor perfectly. I often go for a more boho, or earthy look. This way you can use a mixture of decor items you might have laying around the house.

Unfortunately, I was not able to link the napkins, the napkin rings or the vase. I think they might have been sold out at Target. However, I did get the napkins and napkin rings in the section of the store where they sell cheeper items between $1- $5. And, I recall getting the vase on clearance.

// Plates: Target / Mug: Target //

It is a good idea to have a general theme whatever the look you are going for may be. Regardless of if you are trying to achieve a mid-century modern look, or a basic earthy look, you will want a basic color pallet to draw from.

Here, I went for subtle whites and earth colors like grey, brown, and gold. The white ties the different elements of the arrangement together so that the navy stripes do not look too crazy next to the black and white placemat.

These napkins were very inexpensive. I like to keep an eye out on the home goods target sells in their budget section. I was so excited to score both the napkins and the 4 pack of rings for $3 each at Target. They appear to have since sold out, but it is always worth it to swing by that section. You never know what deal you may find!

// Mug: Target  //

I’m also in love with this mug. I love the earthy feel of it. Its is awesome for sipping my tea in the morning while curled up with a good book. And, it is a good size which allows me to fill it right up with all that green tea goodness! ugh, it’s so perfect.

// Creamer: Target  //

This is also so beautiful. I love how rustic it looks. It adds the perfect touch to any earthy table decor.

Also, by the way, I used the Gluten Free Pancake mix from King Arthur Flour for this breakfast. I honestly cannot remember the brand of bacon I used, but it was delicious! 🙂

I hope this post inspired your creative instincts and gave you a bit of confidence to flex your homemaking muscles and do something beautiful for your friends and family!

Until next time!

Blessing to you all!


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